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The Lake

Our refreshing oasis!

Long-Distance Ice Skating

Conditions for long-distance ice skating are fantastic in and around Järvsö. The trail runs from Nordsjö to Nor on Lake Kalvsjön.

You can rent long-distance ice skates with loose heels, boots, and ice claws from us for 250 SEK/2 hours.
Skate runners that you can attach to your own shoes are 150 SEK/2 hours.

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The Lake

Teeming with fish, Lake Kalvsjön is located below the camp, where you can sunbathe and swim, paddle kayaks or SUPs, catch fish for the evening’s barbecue, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the water. It’s a perfect spot for morning swims or swim training! Any triathletes at the camp?

We rent out canoes, rowboats, SUP boards, and fishing rods. Life jackets are available, of course.

Kalvsjön Round

Every Saturday throughout the summer!
Kalvsjön Round by Salomon 12.4 K

The route around Kalvsjön is varied and more hilly than you might initially think. The start is at Camp Järvsö, with about 5k of rolling gravel road with the lake on your right and the forest on your left. We then reach a larger road at the sawmill in Nor and pass the inlet from the Ljusnan River. That’s when the asphalt begins. You’ll forget about the hills on the way back when you catch the view of the meadows, the lake, and the blue mountains. For the last stretch, you can sprint, making the gravel fly. Choose your timing or just enjoy a great workout!

Will you be the one to set the record that gets engraved on the big birch tree at the camp?

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