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Terms & Conditions

General booking conditions for Camp Järvsö as of 2021-10-08

The following conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Camp Järvsö AB, a member of the tourism industry’s trade organization Visita, and the visiting guest when booking a stay at Camp Järvsö, including accommodation.

Special booking conditions apply to group and conference bookings as well as activities.

Peace of Mind Package – Right-To-Cancel and Free Rebooking

Valid up to 60 days before arrival. No questions asked.


Free rebooking to new dates up to 15 months from the original arrival. Max 1 rebooking. No questions asked.


Has someone in your party been prevented from coming? Change to a new person for free up to 48h before departure. No questions asked.

  • If government restrictions prevent the stay from occurring during the scheduled booking period, the full cost of the stay will be refunded.

The above conditions apply indefinitely.

Registration fee and final payment

A registration fee of 20% of the total price of the stay, but at least 500 SEK per person, is paid when the booking is made online. For bookings made by email or phone, an invoice will be sent for payment within 7 days.

In addition to the registration fee, any cancellation protection and, in some cases, the cost of specially selected activities may apply.

If the registration fee is not paid, a reminder will be sent once. If payment is still not made, the booking will be canceled.

Final payment for the stay must be made 40 days before arrival.

For bookings made less than 40 days before arrival, the entire booking must be paid for at the time of booking.

Confirmation of the booking

The booking is confirmed by Camp Järvsö when the customer has received a booking confirmation and invoice. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that everything is correct on the booking confirmation.

Any changes or errors must be reported no later than 7 days after the confirmation has been sent out. Thereafter, a change fee may be charged plus any additional costs that the change entails for Camp Järvsö.


Cancellation must be made verbally or in writing.

The handling fee for canceling a stay per booking is:

>40 days 20% of the booking value

39-14 days 50% of the booking value

13-0 days 100% of the booking value

The customer can protect themselves against cancellation costs by taking out cancellation protection.

Cancellation Insurance

We offer three cancellation insurance tiers, and they must be purchased per lodging unit. In other words, if you would like insurance for multiple rooms, a separate cancellation insurance policy must be bought for each room. These are the available tiers:

SAFE (295 SEK): Cancellation can be made until 6:00 pm the evening before the arrival day and only applies in case of illness or accidents affecting someone in the party. This must then be supported by presenting a medical certificate (or a positive COVID test).

SAFER (495 SEK): Free cancellation up to 40 days before your arrival, regardless of the reason. If there are less than 40 days left before arrival, cancellation can only be made (until 6:00 pm the evening before the arrival day) in case of illness or accident supported by a medical certificate (or a positive COVID test).

SAFEST (795 SEK): Free cancellation up to 7 days before your arrival, regardless of the reason. If there are less than 7 days left before arrival, cancellation can only be made (until 6:00 pm the evening before the arrival day) in case of illness or accident supported by a medical certificate (or a positive COVID test).

In case of cancellation, a 100% refund is given, except for the cost of the cancellation insurance you choose.


All guests participate in training and activities at their own risk. It is each individual’s responsibility to check with a doctor that they can handle physical exertion. Guardians are responsible for children and adolescents up to 17 years old.

Minimum Number

A minimum number of participants may be required for certain activities/program items to be carried out. This will be stated in the description of the activity/program item if applicable.

Programs, Activities, and Facilities

Participation in the stay’s program and activities is included in the price of the stay unless otherwise specified. All Camp Järvsö facilities are also free of charge to use unless otherwise specified.

In some cases, guests must sign up ahead of time to secure a spot.

Special Events – Theme Days

Camp Järvsö regularly organizes special events and theme days. A separate fee is often charged for these. This will be stated at the time of booking if applicable.

Program Changes/Instructor Changes

Camp Järvsö reserves the right to change program items and named instructors/lecturers in the specified programs, provided this does not significantly affect the trip’s program.

Photos and Videos

The right to use images, videos, and email addresses. Camp Järvsö documents its operations using photographs and videos. These images may be used on Camp Järvsö’s websites, social media, advertisements, articles, or other commercial contexts. By accepting Camp Järvsö’s travel conditions, the traveler approves this usage. If the traveler does not want to appear in photos/videos, they must expressly inform during the stay.


By accepting the booking conditions, the customer consents to receive Camp Järvsö’s newsletter. The customer can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter using the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Choice of Room Type (Accommodation)

As part of the booking process, you must choose accommodation based on the number of people the booking is for. If you are alone, you must choose a single room.

Many solo travelers wish to share a room with other solo travelers to avoid a single room surcharge. This can then be stated as a special comment during booking. However, we cannot guarantee that another person is available to share with, and in that case, Camp Järvsö reserves the right to charge the current price.

Transfer of booking

A booking can be transferred to another person(s) for a change fee.

Change fees

In cases where it is possible to change a booking, the organizer charges an administrative fee of 1000 SEK plus any additional costs that arise. It is not possible to change/postpone a booking to a later date after paying the registration fee.

Customer’s rights and obligations


  • If the room does not meet the promised standard, you have the right to either terminate the agreement or switch rooms (subject to availability).
  • If you have complaints about Camp Järvsö, you should report them to us as soon as possible so that we have a chance to correct them and provide you with the experience you paid for.
  • Report any issues that arise during your stay immediately.
  • We also welcome any positive feedback about your stay with us.
  • We allow pets in designated rooms and apartments (limited availability).


  • You are responsible for maintaining the room in good condition and adhering to all applicable rules, instructions, and regulations.
  • Skis, bicycles, and other bulky equipment may not be stored in your room; use specially designated storage spaces instead.
  • Between 10:00 PM and 07:00 AM, guests must be respectful and quiet to avoid disturbing other guests.
  • You are liable for any damages to the property or its furnishings caused by negligence from anyone in your party.
  • You and your guests must observe the non-smoking regulations throughout the hotel.
  • Do not exceed the number of guests specified during the booking.
  • Renters assume full responsibility for any rented equipment, covering both storage during the rental period and compensation for lost or damaged items.
  • Theft insurance is not included in your booking with us.
  • You and your guests are responsible for personal property stored in hotel rooms or other hotel facilities.
  • Breaching the above rules will result in penalties and may incur fees starting at 2000 SEK or higher, depending on the costs of damages, cleaning, or inventory replacement.

Check-in and Check-out

You can access your accommodation from 3:00 PM on the arrival day, and check-out must be completed by 12:00 PM on the departure day. You are welcome to use our facilities from 12:00 PM on the arrival day if you check-in at the reception. Luggage storage and changing rooms with showers are provided.

If available, you can extend your check-out or stay by contacting the reception.

Age Restrictions

To stay at Camp Järvsö, you must be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian as part of your party staying at the campsite or in the cabin.

You must be at least 16 years old to use Camp Järvsö’s gym.

We welcome guests of all ages; however, our premises and activities are not tailored for children outside of designated family periods. A minimum age of 16 is required for participating in programs and activities, except during family periods. Children and teenagers are allowed to use fixed activities not included in the program (i.e., not led by leaders). The gym’s age limit is always 16.

Family Periods

In addition to our regular programs, certain periods offer family-friendly activities and leader-led sessions, usually during school holidays. Detailed information about these programs is provided during such periods.

War, Strikes, Natural Disasters

Camp Järvsö reserves the right to cancel a booking if the ordered product cannot be provided due to war, strikes, natural disasters, prolonged interruptions in water or energy supply, fires, or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, we will refund your payment as soon as possible, deducting 350 SEK for administrative costs.

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