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Outdoor Arena

Ready, set, go!

During spring, summer, and fall, we offer everything from a mini athletics facility, XC-skills track, beach volleyball court, multi-sport flooring, to a challenging coordination course.

During the winter season, the arena becomes a miniature ski stadium. Perfect for learning how to ski!

Some parts of the Outdoor Arena are occupied by scheduled activities at times.

Track & Field

Classic athletics activities such as long jump, running, and high jump for everyone to try!

XC-Skills track

Improve as a cyclist on our skills track. Balance and technique are two factors needed to make off-road cycling extra fun. At our Skills track, you’ll be able to start at your own level and gradually grow more confident in your cycling as your proficiency increases.

Beach Volleyball

You can play beach volleyball at our Outdoor Arena. We occasionally offer leader-led activities, but when the court is unoccupied, feel free to challenge your neighbor to a match with sand between your toes.

Coordination Course

Train balance, grip strength, and agility in our playful coordination course for kids with ants in their pants!

Climbing Wall/
Bouldering Course

A simpler bouldering wall. Bouldering is a type of climbing where you don’t need to secure yourself, as the heights aren’t dizzying. Challenging and fun for everyone.

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