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Stock up on energy and enjoy a well-prepared lunch according to our concept – The Plate.

Nutritious and healthy meals are the foundation of your health and well-being.

In our Lunch concept – The Plate, we put extra focus on exciting recipes and well-prepared food made from fine ingredients without any fuss. Everything is cooked in our restaurant without shortcuts to create fresh and intense flavors, providing you with optimal nutrition.


Greens form the foundation of your plate, with animal or vegetable protein added as a highly valued accessory. We serve fish, poultry, meat, and always prepare a vegetarian dish for variety.

We have a fully stocked salad bar for you to help yourself to. Fibers contribute to good gut health and keep you full.

Eat with your eyes and eat a variety of foods. Eat food with different colors: green, red, orange, purple, white, brown, etc. Different colors mean different nutrients.

Sprinkle on the roasted seeds from the salad buffet to increase the good fats and fiber content. A splash of olive oil or vinaigrette is also delicious. Feel free to have a slice of bread with some tapenade, hummus, or butter.

Carbohydrates, the brain’s favorite fuel, are found in the form of potatoes, root vegetables, rice, or pasta.

Last but not least, sit down in peace and quiet, enjoy your meal, chew thoroughly, and let your brain rest for a while.

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